Victorian Election: What is Pork Barelling? – Where are the Values?

Pork Barreling is about political parties using government money on local projects to benefit constituents in a way that tries to buy votes.

This is a long term practice that has, and is, driving States into unsupportable debt that cripples future generations. Take for example the approx. $18 Trillion debt in the US, worth around $56,000 debt per person. Pork Barreling will contribute to the next Global Financial Crisis.

Instead of being bribed with debt we should concentrate on which party will bring on the values of the Kingdom of God that will take us out of debt and build healthy families, schools, businesses, education and justice etc.

Protection of Religious Freedom

In this election the Labor Party, the Greens and the Sex Party will, if elected, undermine the Judeo/Christian foundations of a civil society. Please watch this 3 min video clip that helps us understand how the freedom to raise our kids with traditional family values will be undermined through the education system if Labor is elected to power:

Mark Durie

Alternatively copy and paste the following link into your web browser:
Spoken by the Rev. Dr. Mark Durie and authorised by Peter Kentley, Unit 3, 100 New St, Ringwood.

In addition the Labor Party will, if elected, propagate policies that will result in suffering, destruction and death by:

  • Supporting the dismembering of living babies in the womb up to late term (the Coalition have not yet had the guts to turn this terrible Labor introduced legislation around).
  • Making compulsory in State schools the Trojan Horse of the “Safe Schools” program that propagates the dogma of the homosexual lobby on children.
  • Propagating adoption to same sex couples when children need a mom and a dad.
  • Legalising the knowledgeable transmission of HIV Aids to another person – please check out Daniel Andrews own blog to confirm this for yourself.

The Problem with Same Sex Marriage

If you believe in evolution you will understand that male-male and female-female sex diminishes the propagation of the species and mitigates against the survival of the fittest. If we adopt political policies that increase the number of the species who no longer reproduce… then we reduce the number of the strong who are reproducing in male-female marriage.

If you believe in creation you will understand that engaging in homosexual acts is incompatible with the Word of God (Romans 1:18-32). This is not about inequality but about God wanting the highest good for children through safe and secure families with a mom and a dad whenever possible. God wants us to protect life by upholding Godly values for the future of our children and grandchildren.

The Cost of Abortion

How many great sports stars, scientists, leaders, musicians and teachers were never given a start in life because they were killed in the womb? Uncontrolled abortion laws are robbing the nation of greatness. The current abortion laws are also producing an increasing culture of cruelty and violence as an outcome of people not respecting the sanctity of life of the innocent in the womb.

Catholic, Jewish and Islamic Faith leaders speak out about the loss of values and loss of the protection of life as key issues in this election:




 This video features Rabbi Shimon Cowen, son of the former Governor General Sir Zelman Cowen. He makes special reference to the abortion laws, the forced homosexual education programs of the Labor Party and the attacks on Family and Religious freedoms.

Vital Election Information

  • Click here to read the ACL summary of how the parties think before you vote.
  • Click here to learn how to maximise your vote for Kingdom outcomes using the Australian Preferential Voting system. Would you like to legally multiply the outcome of you vote by the way you fill in the voting form? Read on…
  • Click here to help Vicki Jansen with voluntary help on polling day – Vicki is an outstanding hero of our faith in politics and she needs volunteers today and Saturday.

To Summarise the Protection of Religious Freedom in Schools

  • Australian Christians, the Liberals, Nationals, Family First, Rise Up Australia Party and DLP are safe on the issue of religious freedom in Christian schools, churches and organisations.
  • On the other hand Labor, the Greens and Sex party are unsafe on Religious freedom. You can read their policies on these subjects on their web sites.

Further Information:

Do your homework and read well on how to maximise your precious vote. People in dictatorships die for what we can take for granted. Don’t surrender your freedoms (Gal 5:1).

Election Prayer Guide

Friday 28 Nov.

  • Pray for a revelation in the church of what would happen if Jesus returned to earth tomorrow. How would this effect the functioning of your church and workplace? How would it affect your daily occupation, lifestyle, attitudes and use of time? How would is affect your vote in tomorrow’s election?
  • Reading: Luke 19:11-27.

Saturday 29 Nov. – Election Day

  • O Lord, provide for us this day a new Government that will work in cooperation with the church to honour Jesus in every domain of our city and nation. Please bring into Government today men and women who love you and who will serve the people with justice and righteousness according to your plan and provision for Victoria. Please work your might to spare us from men and women who refuse or resist the wisdom of heaven. Thank you for hearing our prayers in the name of your beloved son, Jesus, our one true Lord and King.
  • ReadingProverbs 11:11 (Amplified).

Here is the Final Word on the election:

Let all the earth fear the Lord;
let all the people of the world revere him.
For he spoke, and it came to be;
he commanded, and it stood firm.

The Lord foils the plans of the nations;
he thwarts the purposes of the peoples.
But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever,
the purposes of his heart through all generations.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
the people he chose for his inheritance.

Psalm 33:8-12.

Peter Kentley
Executive Director
River of Life Conference Inc.

Unit 3, 100 New St, Ringwood Vic 3134.