Risks of loss of Religious Freedom in Victorian Election

Reverse Discrimination against the Body of Christ

One of the most potent ways the enemy of Jesus works in our society is to use the “politically correct” to progressively legislate into existence attitudes and behaviours that were once out of the question. Then slowly but surely Christians are labelled bigots for holding to the very biblical values that build a strong and healthy society. Finally good people can be taken to court for standing against unrighteousness.

This process is as old as the experience of Lot in Genesis Chapter 19.

While people of Christian persuasion still represent some 61% of the population they can use their democratic powers to choose carefully who they elect into power.

Please watch the following 3 minute video by Rev. Dr. Mark Durie who explains the risks of loss of religious freedom in this election:

Mark Durie

Alternatively copy and paste the following link into your web browser: http://goo.gl/hCWUD5.

In this Victorian election please be well informed that if elected, Labor, the Greens and the Sex party will bring legislation into Victorian law that will result in anti-biblical influences coming into play in Christian schools, churches and organisations.

This will be done through obligatory employment requirements that will break down the cohesive strength of bible based belief and practice in Chrisitian organisations.

From a spiritual warfare perspective the deepest intention of these provisions is to oppose the church discipling the nation for Jesus in accordance with the Great Commission.

What you can do about it:

  • Report this infringement of religious freedom to God in your prayers.
  • Take a stand by using the following link to ask Daniel Andrews to change his policies and protect religious freedom:  http://schoolfreedom.acl.org.au
  • Raise the profile of your concern on the ABC Vote Compass program.
  • Make sure your church is fully informed about the serious risks to loss of Religious freedom as a primary election issue for Christian schools, churches and organisations.
  • Be fully informed on how your vote can impact the loss of religious freedom in Victoria and the subsequent influence this can have across the nation.

Click here for a table that compares the values of political parties in this election.

Please note that not all parties are the same on the issue of religious freedom. For example the current Liberal government repealed the previous Labor implementation of these unacceptable employment discrimination laws and also overruled the Victorian Education Departments attempt to ban the Bible and Christian fellowship from State schools.

In summary:

  • Australian Christians, the Liberals, Nationals, Family First, Rise Up Australia Party and DLPare safe on the issue of religious freedom in Christian schools, churches and organisations.
  • On the other hand Labor, the Greens and Sex party are unsafe on Religious freedom. You can read their policies on these subjects on their web sites.

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