Prayer Uplift for local church after the conference

Thank you so much for this ongoing report of the River of Life. How wonderful and thorough of you and the team to see this as an ongoing conferring of life minded people. May I just let you know that after attending the conference with 8 of our own people (we are a very small church in the revitalisation stage), we decided to step up our prayer ministries for the church and our local community impact. We are a Baptist church but many of us have charismatic leanings, and we are hungry to see the Holy Spirit move more abundantly and more powerfully within our midst and within the city.
We commenced three morning a week prayer (From May this year), meetings from 6.00am onwards, as well as our usual Thursday evening prayer meeting (which is on hold as we have been undertaking an Alpha program) and a Sunday morning prayer meeting. God has done some remarkable things during this time. We continues to bless us, and it is only through prayer that we are starting to see life in what was once a very dry place. We have expectations that He will continue to work to transform and bring His kingdom of heaven to reign here on earth. That is our prayer.
We will continue (because it has become contagious) our early morning prayer meetings as a regular and central component of our life together (but it will be regularly 2 early mornings per week) and believe and trust God for greater and greater things.
Could you please pass on to the team our gratitude in the organisation of the Conference. And yes, we would like to be updated on any events or gatherings\.
Blessings to you In Christ.