Victorian State Election Update

Here is some good news: denominational heads have joined the chorus of Christian leaders who are calling on all Political Parties to leave the existing Equal Opportunity laws alone.

Here’s the link:

Pastors are rising to the occasion to help their people understand the risk of loss of religious freedom if Labor, the Greens or the Sex Party are elected to power in Victoria on Sat 29 November.
The following 3 minute video by Rev. Dr. Mark Durie is ideal for use in churches on this last Sunday before the election:

Mark Durie

Alternatively copy and paste the following link into your web browser:
Spoken by the Rev. Dr. Mark Durie and authorised by Peter Kentley, Unit 3, 100 New St, Ringwood.

Click here for a table that compares the values of political parties in this election.

Please note that not all parties are the same on the issue of religious freedom. For example the current Liberal government repealed the previous Labor implementation of these unacceptable employment discrimination laws and also overruled the Victorian Education Departments attempt to ban the Bible and Christian fellowship from State schools.

In Summary:

  • Australian Christians, the Liberals, Nationals, Family First, Rise Up Australia Party and DLP are safe on the issue of religious freedom in Christian schools, churches and organisations.
  • On the other hand Labor, the Greens and Sex party are unsafe on Religious freedom. You can read their policies on these subjects on their web sites.

For Research and more Information visit:

Election Prayer Guide

Saturday 22 Nov.

  • For the wider Church to come to a clear understanding of the risks of loss of religious freedom in this election – and the impact this could have on Christian Schools, Churches and organisations.
  • Reading: Galatians 5:1

Sunday 23 Nov.

  • For excellent communications, understanding and prayer for the elections across the churches of our State and Nation. Please note that while this is a Victorian election the implications will impact values across the nation. Any propoition to introduce bad laws needs solid push-back from good people.
  • Reading: Psalm 9:1-11

Monday 24 Nov.

  • Pray to Jesus as Head of the Church, and, King of kings and Lord of lords (that is Jesus is King over the highest authority in the Nation and State and Lord over the leaders of the marketplace – see: Rev 1:5). Pray that Jesus will only grant government in Victoria to the political leaders who will most closely honour the prayer of Jesus: “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt 6:10).
  • Pray that Daniel Andrews will follow the advice of Denominational leaders and undertake to leave the current equal opportunity laws unchanged (see media release link at top of page).
  • Readings: Romans 13:1Col 1:15-20.

Tuesday 25 Nov.

  • A voluntary day of prayer and fasting to intercede for the protection of unborn babies in the womb. Pray for a wholesale shift in the cultural attitude of the nation to one of caring, protection and safety for babies in the womb. Pray vicarious prayers of repentance for the bad laws of Victoria and for the resulting infanticide that dismembers living babies in the womb.
  • Readings: Ex 20:13Lev 20:1-5Psalm 139:13-16Ezekiel 16:20-21.

Wednesday 26 Nov.

  • Pray for an awakening in Australia that the whole world and everything in it belongs to God. Without this revelation the people perish and will not be capable of voting for the right people to bring into leadership.
  • Readings: Prov 29:18Psalm 24:1Psalm 22:27-28

Thursday 27 Nov.

  • Pray for the emergence of a new “ecclesia” in Australia, ie: the leadership called by Jesus to both Church and Marketplace to bring his Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Thank Jesus that he will build his “ecclesia” in both church and marketplace and the forces of hell shall not overcome it.
  • Pray for a renewed “ecclesia” of Jesus in the domains of the nation including church, government, business and the professions.
  • Pray that this “ecclesia” will only approve on earth things that are approved in heaven and only deny on earth things that are denied in heaven.
  • Reading: Matt 16:13-20 (Amplified version).

Friday 28 Nov.

  • Pray for a revelation in the church of what would happen if Jesus returned to earthtomorrow. How would this effect the functioning of your church and workplace? How would it affect your daily occupation, lifestyle, attitudes and use of time? How would is affect your vote in tomorrow’s election?
  • Reading: Luke 19:11-27.

Saturday 29 Nov. – Election Day

  • O Lord, provide for us this day a new Government that will work in cooperation with the church to honour Jesus in every domain of our city and nation. Please bring into Government today men and women who love you and who wiill serve the people with justice and righteousness according to your plan and provision for Victoria. Please work your might to spare us from men and women who refuse or resist the wisdom of heaven. Thank you for hearing our prayers in the name of your beloved son, Jesus, our one true Lord and King.
  • ReadingProverbs 11:11 (Amplified).