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The Greatest Gift to Aboriginal People started on 26 Jan 1788

At the behest of William Wilberforce to British PM William Pitt, Chaplain Johnson brought the Gospel to the Aboriginal people on the First Fleet.

Next Sunday 3 Feb commemorates the first sermon preached on Australian shores from Psalm 116:12-14…

What can I offer the Lord for all he has done for me? I will lift up the cup of salvation and praise the Lord’s name for saving me. I will keep my promises to the Lord in the presence of all his people.

Let us give great thanks for the gift of salvation in Christ to all Australians from 26 Jan 1788.

You are warmly invited to read the Christian Heritage page on our Web site:

Who will Run Australia in 2019?

People, we are now in the last phase of the culture war that is determining who will run Australia in the future: God or a Humanist-led State?

A huge shift took place a year ago with the national plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage. In that vote by the people of Australia the choices were clear: maintain marriage according to the written Word of God, or cave-in to a culture that has no respect for God.

Left-wing political elites are following a global humanist strategy that grew from the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory that started between the wars in Germany in 1923. The objective of this philosophy is to destroy the three institutions of God on earth:

  • Family                    Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:4-6
  • Government         Romans 13:1-2
  • Church                   Matthew 16:13-19

This global conspiracy has been incredibly successful and has succeeded in the West where militant communism failed. This culture shift is sometimes referred to as the “long march through the institutions”. This movement pursued culture change that has torn down biblical teaching on marriage, morality, sexuality, gender and, above all else, God’s truth.

Every child passing through State education is now a product of this way of thinking. Sadly, Christians who do not know or follow the Bible have been seduced by the Critical Thinking philosophy of neo-Marxism. The outcome is a loss of the understanding of what made the West great in the first place.

If you don’t understand the good that built the present, how can you build the future?

If you are not familiar with the truth of the Word of God, how will you discern deception?

In the plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage many voted YES because:

  1. they were sick and tired of the battle and just wanted to get it out of the way
  2. they thought there are no real consequences so just give LGBTQI what they want
  3. they thought we must be tolerant and not be judgmental
  4. they wanted to be kind and just let love be love.

But here’s the rub: did voters research God’s plan for family according to His written Word and vote NO to SSM to be aligned with the teaching of the Bible? (Gen 2:24, Matt 19:4-6)

Now that we have SSM in Australia the cultural elites have moved into the final phase of their takeover plan. A take-over that was authorised by the Federal Parliament when it legislated Same Sex Marriage.

Cultural Take-over Plan of the Left

Ten steps to destroy the Family, Church and Government:

  1. Easy divorce – killing marriage
  2. Easy abortion – killing babies
  3. Easy Euthanasia – killing the infirm
  4. Redefine marriage (now any two persons)
  5. Redefine family (no longer mum, dad and the kids)
  6. Redefine gender (no longer male and female as God made us – Matt 19:4)
  7. Demand tolerance while propagating immorality and a tsunami of pornography
  8. Increase debt and Government hand-out dependency
  9. Remove freedom of speech through hate laws
  10. Remove freedom of religion through anti-discrimination laws that make biblical morality illegal – and this is the hot issue with the current Penny Wong Bill before the Senate.

You have been Warned

We need to take this warning very seriously. Please Google the “Frankfurt School” and do your own homework on these clear and present dangers.

The extreme Left have largely succeeded in their long march through the institutions. They already have control of State education systems through the so-called “Safe Schools” program. Neo-Marxist ideology dominates higher education and much of the media in our nation.

Now they are gunning for independent religious schools.

The extreme Left already dominate Labor and the Greens. These parties are not letting up in their take-over plans. If given authority by the people at forthcoming elections  they will complete the above 10-point agenda. This is not a secret, it’s all reported in the daily media.

The Liberal Party has also been deeply infiltrated by the Left. Our only hope is for high calibre Bible believing followers of Christ becoming influential in the governance of our nation. If we don’t, the devil will certainly move his people into positions of power and authority.

Yet despite all this God has graciously given us a genuinely Christian Prime Minister and a Jewish Treasurer who is also Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party. The coming Federal election is our opportunity to vote FOR the Judeo/Christian leaders we don’t deserve.

On the other hand, apathy, ignorance and silence will destroy the future of our nation.

If you do nothing the following will take place in religious schools, churches and Bible colleges:

  • LGBTIQ+ individuals (about 2.5% of the population) will demand transgender pronouns
  • Biological males who identify as female will demand the ability to enter female toilets and change-rooms and compete in female sports
  • It will become a hate crime to teach that marriage is between a man and a woman
  • It will become a hate crime to teach Biblical morality that differs from state laws
  • It will become illegal to discipline anyone engaging in state approved immorality.

Unless you are actively aware of what is happening in our nation this year, you will lose the ability to stop the State replacing God as the source and judge of right and wrong.

If you vote for Labor or the Greens, you will be voting for the future persecution of every person who believes and upholds the Word of God as a testimony to the nations.

What you can do in 2019

  • Register your objection today to Labor Senator Penny Wong’s proposed laws to outlaw biblical morality in Christian schools, bible colleges and institutions: See the attached model letter with a submission deadline of 11 February.
  • Get involved in an organisation where you can be influential in bringing the principles and values of the Kingdom of God to the governance of our state and nation.
  • Join a national prayer movement such as Canberra Declaration, Australian Prayer Network
  • Do NOT vote Labor or the Greens in the coming NSW and Federal elections.
  • Get to know the candidates in your State and Federal electorates and vote for the candidates and parties who are most likely to stand-up for Godly values.