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War for the Soul of the Nation

At the start of 2015 we are immersed in a war for the soul of the nation. This battle will set the stage for the kind of nation our children and grand-children will inherit. The way men and women of faith wage war in Australia (2 Cor 10:3-6) will extend hope to the nations who cannot find answers in atheism that can withstand the ravages of radical Islam and the spiritual poverty of  hedonism that is causing untold damage through outcomes like substance abuse, domestic violence and the loss of respect and safety across the nation.

Meantime the established church is in its own battle of survival because it has lost the soul of the nation. God only knows the numbers, but of our twenty five odd million population some twenty million will live, die and find themselves in the company of the devil rather than the love of Jesus. In the face of this catastrophe our church leaders defend their status quo because this is where their power base and relevancy is found. Meantime the church is tarred by the stench of sexual abuse of children in its care, and the world is not listening to the church for its values and hopes.

The Global Marketplace Exchange Conference (GME) on 5-7 Feb in Melbourne is a forum of Re-Formation that includes searching out what Jesus meant by his “ecclesia” that the gates of hell could not withstand (Matt 16:13-25). What did Jesus mean by this and how is it meant to function across church and marketplace in the 21st Century? Jesus used the Greek secular word “ecclesia” which is about bringing holistic kingdom leadership to a village, town or city. Today we need a re-formation of the Kingdom of God being released across both church and marketplace for the highest good of the nation.

GME is drawing together hungry hearts and sharp minds from across the domains of church, family, business, government, health, sport, justice, education, the creative arts and not for profits. This is about the development of strategic vision and practical collaboration between people who do not settle for the status quo. This conference is a place of consultation, discovery and participation as we exchange insights, experience, biblical learning, prayer and new relationships that builds hope for the future in Christ.

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Vision for 2015 – Kingdom Conf. 6-7 Feb

Let’s look ahead to discover tomorrow’s Kingdom outworking for our nation. What is ahead for us in the Lord that is a quantum leap from where we are today? What will the 21st century ecclesia look like and how will it transform a lost nation?

  • What did Jesus mean by “his ecclesia” in Matt 16:18?
  • What does Jesus intend his 21st Century ecclesia to be?

General Henry “Hap” Arnold was taught to fly by the Wright Brothers. On VJ Day, 15 Aug 1945, he was the Commander of the US Army Airforce with 2,500,000 men and 75,000 aircraft under his command.

On the day after the end of World War 2 he met with his staff at the Pentagon to speak of the future. He looked forward as follows:

“Take everything you’ve learnt about aviation in the War, throw it out the window and let’s get to work on tomorrow’s aviation. It will be different from anything the world has ever seen.”

Similarly let us look ahead in the Spirit to seek what Jesus, the head of the church and the King of the global marketplace, wants tomorrow’s ecclesia to look like and how it can impact our nation for the good. In Hap Arnold’s words: “It will be different from anything the world has ever seen.”

Are you on-board for this flight into the future? Are a leading edge thinker, teacher, marketplace practitioner, pastor or pray-er? If so you are warmly invited to our “Kingdom Come” Domains conference in Melbourne on 6-7 Feb. All the details are as follows:

His kingdom come, his will be done on earth in 2015 as it is in heaven,