Monthly Archives: June 2013

Healing from Arthritis at conference

“Dr Cho spoke about healing and miracles for about 20 minutes. I was at the edge of my seat, encouraged by his deep relationship with God and amazed at how God works through him.

Once again, I felt the tension and soreness in my fingers (which were the most sore joints in my body) and wondered what ‘normal’ would be like again – to bend my fingers easily and be free from medication.

Minutes later, he asked those who wanted physical healing to stand and pray with him. I stood, silently apologetic for my lack of faith and perhaps even desire to be healed. After all, one gets used to living with a crutch and having a regular companion for pity parties.

He then listed illnesses that God was healing as he spoke. I held my breath, and assured my doubtful self that the speaker wouldn’t know what rheumatoid arthritis is and hence, wouldn’t name it. After all, it would be more important for God to heal cancer, kidney failure and life-threatening diseases. I am after all, a ‘normal looking’ sick person.

As I prayed, I remembered the speaker’s encouragement on the mustard seed of faith. God’s word says that even with a tiny mustard seed of faith, we can move mountains. We would not casually disregard a mighty oak tree, but may well discard a mustard seed because of our lack of faith.

‘Arthritis’. The word left his lips, the last on the list.

I gingerly bent my fingers. There was almost no tension; they were the most ‘normal’ they had ever been since the diagnosis. Praise God!

Healing from high blood pressure at conference

“I have a personal special thank you to the Lord for healing me from my hypertension on Friday night while Dr Cho was praying. I was diagnosed a few years ago with very high blood pressure that was not related to my lifestyle. I look after myself and I have a healthy lifestyle, and it was therefore attributed to be genetic. The GP condemned me to having to take BP tablets for the rest of my days unless I wanted to die from a stroke before the age of 60. I accepted that at the time.

But at the beginning of this year, God promised me he would heal me. I did not know quite how or when but I firmly believed in my heart that he would. When Dr Cho was praying that Friday evening and naming a few conditions, I was inwardly praying “what about blood pressure?” and as soon as that question popped in my mind, he said it. I knew there and then that this was meant for me (and others possibly in the assembly) but definitely for me. I stopped taking the tablets. It’s now almost 3 weeks. Last time I had my BP checked, the reading was good. Praise the Lord!”