Who Speaks for God on Abortion?

On Thursday night, 8th August 2019, the NSW Legislative Assembly followed other Australian states and territories in authorising acts of defiance against the will of God, by passing the so called “Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019” in the NSW Lower House – subject to review in the Upper House. One may well ask how can […]

Who will Run Australia in 2019?

People, we are now in the last phase of the culture war that is determining who will run Australia in the future: God or a Humanist-led State? A huge shift took place a year ago with the national plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage. In that vote by the people of Australia the choices were clear: […]

Family Love beats Culture Wars

Over the last century our family has been through the worst global upheavals of history, including two world wars. On my Father’s side all his family, with the exception of one survivor, were murdered in the ovens at Auschwitz. This was the result of extreme Right Nazi politics. Post World War 2 our family was […]