Victorian Election 24 November 2018


Click here to download a letter to the Churches on the Secret War in the Victorian Elections


Last Sunday morning the pastor invited a person from the congregation to lead the prayers. With pre-polling in Victoria due to start next Monday she prayed: "Lord please raise up people of integrity to the Victorian parliament."

This good hearted prayer also raised the practical question: who will we vote for to help the Victorian Parliament draw closer to God in its decision making?

After all, every parliament in the nation starts its sitting days with the Lord's prayer: "Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven". Do we settle for this as a ritual... or can it actually get closer to reality if we elect and support more candidates who love God?

And how informed are the people of God when it comes to politics and issues? Do we know the voting record of parties on past issues of life and death?

Some church members will be better informed than some pastors. At the same time we are seeing massive shifts in party policies that are diabolically opposed to Biblical values and principles. So how can the 21st Century church respond to these volatile shifts that have such serious consequences?

Now good shepherds don't let good sheep eat poisonous weeds.

So how can caring shepherds of the Church create positive and healthy learning environments so that the whole church is better informed to make wise voting choices at election time

Clck here to download a letter to the churches that will stimulate healthy conversations on critical life and death issues in the Victorian election.

We must engage with the SECRET WAR of this election: the morality issues that are not being talked about by the parties. Yet these issues have the most serious consequences for our children and our grand-children, such as the so called safe-schools. Can they be stopped in this election? Yes they can.

If the Church doesn't get involved in the governance of our community the devil certainly will. We have to talk about the elephant in the room with kindness, wisdom and understanding from a biblical perspective.



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