Flight to the Future - (Historic webpage created by the late Peter Kentley)

The most important discovery for every person in every domain of society is the identity of Jesus Christ. This journey into truth has the unique potential to transform everyone and everything for the good.

Jesus asked Peter at Caesarea Philippi (now Banias in Israel), "who do people say the son of man is?" He followed this general question with a more personal question: "what about you, who do you say that I am?"

This question is the entrance point to three immutable and magnificent truths:

  1. Jesus is the resurrected living Messiah who is recognised by some half the population of the planet
  2. Only Jesus can bring transformational blessing to every person and every domain of society
  3. Jesus owns the future.

This is the unstoppable wave of hope for the future.
You can shoot a bullet through a wave but you can't stop it coming.

The wave metaphor has three main characteristics:

  1. Amplitude in three dimensions
  2. Energy from an external force
  3. Trajectory and velocity over time.

Amplitude (visible)
This is a metaphor for identity. Who is the Messiah? Who am I in Christ? Who is my family, my community, my State and Nation in the plans and purposes of God? But there are also all sorts of cross-currents, rips and backwash in the surf!

Energy (Invisible)
In the spiritual the energy is the power of God in creation and especially as manifested in Jesus' resurrection.. We don't have the energy, but like with a wave we can be carried by it. Remarkably this energy is sub-atomic at its source in the Word of God, as we read in Psalm 35:6.

Trajectory and Velocity over time (measurable)
This metaphor represents Jesus story: the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Accordingly we need to know where we are coming from and where we are going. We need to gain understanding of God's history with man, of his will and his ways in the present, and insight into biblical prophecy for the future.

Who's on-board for this amazing flight to the future?



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