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The Lost Personal
Monday Family (general, spouse, children). That God would lift the veil over the lost person (revelation and enlightenment);   Immediate Family
Tuesday Increased vision (wisdom and enlightenment, motives, guidance).   For the Holy Spirit to hover over them and protect them;   Extended Family and God children
Wednesday Spirit, Soul, Body (health, appearance, attitudes, spiritual and physical wholeness).   For godly people to be in their pathway each day;   Political leadership at all levels of Government.
Thursday Protection (temptation, deception, enemies).   To cast down anything that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God, specifically pride and rebellion;   Company, School, Kinder or local leadership.
Friday Finances (priorities, blessings).   To take down all known strongholds - thought patterns, opinions on religion, materialism, fear;   Work colleagues and/or those you connect with regularly.
Saturday Favour with others (congregations, ministry staff, unsaved).   To bind Satan from taking the person captive; to bind all wicked thoughts and lies Satan would try to place in this person's mind;   Friends and your accountability check
Sunday Favour with God (spiritual revelation, anointing, holiness).   That the armor of God would be placed on them. Church family and the persecuted Church
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