Pray without Ceasing

Amen need not be an End

Knowing the will of God is easy in areas made clear in Scripture, eg:

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” (1 Thess 5:16).

OK, we know the will of God in these verses… but we also ask: 'how can we pray without ceasing' ?

To cease praying means having an end to prayer. This raises the thought provoking question: do we need to end prayer ~ often indicated by the word "amen"?

It may help to refresh the meaning of "Amen". Biblical dictionaries tell us that amen is a transliteration of a Hebrew word signifying something as certain, sure and valid, truthful and faithful. It is sometimes translated, "so be it." Amen may confirm what already is, or it may indicate a hope for something desired. In Jewish prayer, amen comes at the end as an affirmative response to a statement or wish made by others, and is so used in the New Testament.

But this affirmation doesn't have to be the END of our prayer status. Rather it is an expression of faith as we move on. So we can say "amen" as an affirmation rather than an END. In this way we can see ourselves in a continuing disposition of communication with our Lord. We get on with things, but as we go, we are continuing on the basis of our active relationship with God.

Take an airliner as an example. The Commander of the flight is in ultimate charge of the aircraft and occupants, even though he is not staring at the instruments every second. This is remarkable. A great aluminum tube hurtling through the sky with hundreds of souls trusting the pilots. The pilots only have to relate to each other and to Air Traffic Control according to operational procedures. But their state of relationship and communication is continuously open.

Similarly prayer without ceasing is staying in the flow with the Holy Spirit - living in a disposition of open communication with God. At times we may be absorbed by our work, or taking a needed rest - but we are still spiritually in touch with God...

We are not thinking up prayer sentences all the time, but also other stuff, such as listening, giving thanks, restoring an issue, relating to God through his word, helping someone in need, relating to the touch of God in someone else's life, forgiving someone, sensing the prompting of the Spirit, enjoying God's presence in peace, or having good fun in fellowship with others.

Prayer without ceasing - living with God without end - enjoy!


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