New Study Examines Homosexuality and Transgenderism Research

Introduction by Christian Federation: 26th August 2016 Today Roz Ward, a self-professed Marxist and co-author of the Safe Schools program was quoted in the Australian, stating at a recent conference that: “The conservatives were really not going give up on their homophobia, their transphobia, so the Safe Schools Coalition became a focus for that. Most […]

Same-sex marriage and transgender advocates move into Sport and Recreation

Same-sex marriage and transgender advocates move into Sport and Recreation 22 August 2016 At Christian Federation we have identified Ten Key Domains that make up society and also help influence how a society progresses. Over several decades, in the absence of Christian leadership in these spheres of influence, other agenda-based groups have stepped into this […]

Safe Schools: tell concerned parents ‘tough luck!’

REBECCA URBAN THE AUSTRALIAN MARCH 22, 2016 12:00AM Safe Schools operatives have been coaching educators to dismiss parental concerns over the contentious sex and gender-­diversity program, asserting that parents are powerless to shut it down. A Safe Schools national symposium was told by the program’s Victorian co-ordinator, Roz Ward, that schools could ­ignore concerns […]

Message of Christmas Encouragement

Of the increase of his government… there will be no end… How does the above prophetic word of the prophet Isaiah relate to the uncertainties and increasing levels of threat we are experiencing in our world today? Aren’t we experiencing a massive escalation of anti-Christian sentiment on a global basis? Well I want bring to […]