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The Greatest Gift to Aboriginal People started on 26 Jan 1788

At the behest of William Wilberforce to British PM William Pitt, Chaplain Johnson brought the Gospel to the Aboriginal people on the First Fleet.

Next Sunday 3 Feb commemorates the first sermon preached on Australian shores from Psalm 116:12-14…

What can I offer the Lord for all he has done for me? I will lift up the cup of salvation and praise the Lord’s name for saving me. I will keep my promises to the Lord in the presence of all his people.

Let us give great thanks for the gift of salvation in Christ to all Australians from 26 Jan 1788.

You are warmly invited to read the Christian Heritage page on our Web site:

Who will Run Australia in 2019?

People, we are now in the last phase of the culture war that is determining who will run Australia in the future: God or a Humanist-led State?

A huge shift took place a year ago with the national plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage. In that vote by the people of Australia the choices were clear: maintain marriage according to the written Word of God, or cave-in to a culture that has no respect for God.

Left-wing political elites are following a global humanist strategy that grew from the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory that started between the wars in Germany in 1923. The objective of this philosophy is to destroy the three institutions of God on earth:

  • Family                    Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:4-6
  • Government         Romans 13:1-2
  • Church                   Matthew 16:13-19

This global conspiracy has been incredibly successful and has succeeded in the West where militant communism failed. This culture shift is sometimes referred to as the “long march through the institutions”. This movement pursued culture change that has torn down biblical teaching on marriage, morality, sexuality, gender and, above all else, God’s truth.

Every child passing through State education is now a product of this way of thinking. Sadly, Christians who do not know or follow the Bible have been seduced by the Critical Thinking philosophy of neo-Marxism. The outcome is a loss of the understanding of what made the West great in the first place.

If you don’t understand the good that built the present, how can you build the future?

If you are not familiar with the truth of the Word of God, how will you discern deception?

In the plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage many voted YES because:

  1. they were sick and tired of the battle and just wanted to get it out of the way
  2. they thought there are no real consequences so just give LGBTQI what they want
  3. they thought we must be tolerant and not be judgmental
  4. they wanted to be kind and just let love be love.

But here’s the rub: did voters research God’s plan for family according to His written Word and vote NO to SSM to be aligned with the teaching of the Bible? (Gen 2:24, Matt 19:4-6)

Now that we have SSM in Australia the cultural elites have moved into the final phase of their takeover plan. A take-over that was authorised by the Federal Parliament when it legislated Same Sex Marriage.

Cultural Take-over Plan of the Left

Ten steps to destroy the Family, Church and Government:

  1. Easy divorce – killing marriage
  2. Easy abortion – killing babies
  3. Easy Euthanasia – killing the infirm
  4. Redefine marriage (now any two persons)
  5. Redefine family (no longer mum, dad and the kids)
  6. Redefine gender (no longer male and female as God made us – Matt 19:4)
  7. Demand tolerance while propagating immorality and a tsunami of pornography
  8. Increase debt and Government hand-out dependency
  9. Remove freedom of speech through hate laws
  10. Remove freedom of religion through anti-discrimination laws that make biblical morality illegal – and this is the hot issue with the current Penny Wong Bill before the Senate.

You have been Warned

We need to take this warning very seriously. Please Google the “Frankfurt School” and do your own homework on these clear and present dangers.

The extreme Left have largely succeeded in their long march through the institutions. They already have control of State education systems through the so-called “Safe Schools” program. Neo-Marxist ideology dominates higher education and much of the media in our nation.

Now they are gunning for independent religious schools.

The extreme Left already dominate Labor and the Greens. These parties are not letting up in their take-over plans. If given authority by the people at forthcoming elections  they will complete the above 10-point agenda. This is not a secret, it’s all reported in the daily media.

The Liberal Party has also been deeply infiltrated by the Left. Our only hope is for high calibre Bible believing followers of Christ becoming influential in the governance of our nation. If we don’t, the devil will certainly move his people into positions of power and authority.

Yet despite all this God has graciously given us a genuinely Christian Prime Minister and a Jewish Treasurer who is also Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party. The coming Federal election is our opportunity to vote FOR the Judeo/Christian leaders we don’t deserve.

On the other hand, apathy, ignorance and silence will destroy the future of our nation.

If you do nothing the following will take place in religious schools, churches and Bible colleges:

  • LGBTIQ+ individuals (about 2.5% of the population) will demand transgender pronouns
  • Biological males who identify as female will demand the ability to enter female toilets and change-rooms and compete in female sports
  • It will become a hate crime to teach that marriage is between a man and a woman
  • It will become a hate crime to teach Biblical morality that differs from state laws
  • It will become illegal to discipline anyone engaging in state approved immorality.

Unless you are actively aware of what is happening in our nation this year, you will lose the ability to stop the State replacing God as the source and judge of right and wrong.

If you vote for Labor or the Greens, you will be voting for the future persecution of every person who believes and upholds the Word of God as a testimony to the nations.

What you can do in 2019

  • Register your objection today to Labor Senator Penny Wong’s proposed laws to outlaw biblical morality in Christian schools, bible colleges and institutions: See the attached model letter with a submission deadline of 11 February.
  • Get involved in an organisation where you can be influential in bringing the principles and values of the Kingdom of God to the governance of our state and nation.
  • Join a national prayer movement such as Canberra Declaration, Australian Prayer Network
  • Do NOT vote Labor or the Greens in the coming NSW and Federal elections.
  • Get to know the candidates in your State and Federal electorates and vote for the candidates and parties who are most likely to stand-up for Godly values.

Family Love beats Culture Wars

Over the last century our family has been through the worst global upheavals of history, including two world wars. On my Father’s side all his family, with the exception of one survivor, were murdered in the ovens at Auschwitz. This was the result of extreme Right Nazi politics.

Post World War 2 our family was split by the extreme Left politics of Stalin, communism and the resulting cold war.

In Ireland, our family survived the “troubles” that split a nation with the politics of violence and anarchy.

And now we see anger and hatred dividing the world in a social revolution of “identity politics”. This has fallen to the level of people saying: ‘if you don’t agree with me I don’t want to know you’. Even splitting families!

Take the riots at Berkeley University where windows have been smashed and fires lit in riots AGAINST freedom of speech. 50 years ago there were riots FOR freedom of speech at the same university. The world has gone crazy.

So what can we learn from history that can help us today?

Through the global upheavals of the last century our family has seen the overcoming triumph of family love. This love has won out over Nazism, Communism, Anti-Semitism, anarchy, murder, violence and global war.

Family love has its source in the love between Father God and his beloved son Jesus. It is the glue that holds the world together and delivers hope for the future.

The Apostle Peter concluded his life with these words: “Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8).

So let us treasure family love as the greatest redeeming force for good in the universe and let it guide us through life as undivided overcomers.

Rapacious Attack on Israel’s Right to Exist this Weekend

This Sunday 15 January 2017, Seventy nations will meet in Paris to try and enforce the establishment of a Palestinian State on Israeli land. Here is a brief summary and a call to action.

Israel is accused of occupying Palestinian land – but is this true?

The title deeds to the land are written in the Bible and were endorsed by the UN in 1948. These deeds are part of an everlasting covenant initiated by God with his chosen people and affirmed over and over again in the Word of God.

You can click on the following links to read in Gen 17:1-8 the first covenant declaration over the land initiated by God with Abraham. This was re-affirmed in Gen 35:9-13 and Exodus 23:31-33. The highest authority of the land rests with God, not the United Nations. It is written in Acts 17:24-28.

Those who do not accept the sovereignty of God and do not understand the permanency of his promises will bring great pain upon themselves and their nations. Please take the most serious attention to the following prophecy in Zech 12:1-3:

“A prophecy: The word of the Lord concerning Israel.
The Lord, who stretches out the heavens, who lays the foundation of the earth, and who forms the human spirit within a person, declares: “I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves.”

In modern times the so called “Occupied Territories” were never “owned” by the Palestinians. In 1948 the West bank and East Jerusalem passed from a British mandate to Jordon. In 1967 Israel warned Jordon not to attack, but they did and Jordon lost these Territories to Israel in the Six Day War. As a result of the Yom Kippur war Jerusalem was re-unified according to its Biblical covenant.

Now, next weekend on the 15th January 2017 in the Jewish year 5777, seventy nations of the world will meet in Paris to try and take land from Israel again – including the Western Wall and the Garden of Gethsemane. There are some 800,000 Israelis who live in these territories and Israel is not going to give this land up.

Click here to watch the speech of Prime Minister Netanyahu on this situation

Jewish Rabbis define 70 nations as the nations of the world. This comes from the 70 nations listed in Genesis 10. It is also significant that 70 nations were represented in Israel at the funeral of Shimon Peres on 30 September 2016.

Now cast the immediacy of this coming historical event in 2017 with the above prophecy from Zechariah 12.

Recently on the 8th January the Lord impressed upon me that this gathering of nations on Sunday 15 January would be a “RAPACIOUS” attack on Israel’s right to exist. I didn’t know the meaning of the word when it was given to me in the early hours of the morning – which is confirmation that it was from the Lord and not just out of my own head. Please look up the dictionary definition of the word for yourself to gain important insight into the significance of what is happening. While God will take care of Israel according to biblical prophecy, it is the responsibility of the Body of Christ to be awake, vibrantly aware and obedient to God at such a time as this.

Finally we note that in a 2015 poll conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Public Opinion, Arab residents in East Jerusalem would rather live as democratic citizens in Israel than in a Palestinian State under Fatah rules and terrorist organisations like Hamas.

Critical Timing

  • Friday 23 Dec (2016)
    Click here for comment on UN resolution 2334
  • Sunday 15 Jan – meeting of 70 nations in Paris
  • Tuesday 17 Jan – UN Security Council Meeting
  • Friday 20 Jan – Inauguration of President-elect Trump
  • Trump will veto actions against Israel after his inauguration.

Call to Action

  1. Pray that this meeting of nations on Sunday will be subject to divine confusion and that the pathway against Israel will be blocked according to the will of God.
  2. Pray that New Zealand and the UK will rise up to their ANZAC call to defend Israel on 15 Jan and veto any action against Israel on 17 Jan – Please note that Britain, Australia and NZ were the liberating forces at Beersheba on 31 October 1917.
  3. Pray for the protection of the life of President Donald Trump and the gift of wisdom.
  4. Write to the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and your local member asking that our Embassy be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – as with with the United States move under President-elect Trump.

For those who are in, or can be in Melbourne this coming Sunday 15 January, you are invited to join the Global Prayer Watch for Israel from 15:00 to 21:00 Melbourne time.

Location: the Prayer Tower at: Arrow on Swanston, Level 10, 488 Swanston St, Melbourne – Phone: 0458 759-797.

In other locations you are invited to focus prayers for Israel, especially between 08:00 to 20:00 Paris time on Sunday 15 January.

Revolution or Re-Formation?

In 2008, 85 Australian laws were changed to remove discrimination against LGBTIQ people. They were also given civil registers in five states. However, we are now in a revolution where the battle over the understanding of marriage is a tipping point.

This revolution is not good. It’s releasing a spirit of fear, intimidation and false accusations across the nation. What we are experiencing is an outcome of a 20-year homosexual strategy that his five major steps: 1) Request for tolerance, 2) Demand acceptance, 3) Celebrate homosexuality, 4) Force participation, and finally 5) Punish anyone who disagrees.

This is why some 90% of nations have rejected the homosexual revolution. This is why there are marches in the streets of France and Mexico where hundreds of thousands have stood up for true marriage as between a man and a woman. This is why people of faith across our nation are resolving to stand together in agreement with God and Jesus’ definition of marriage as found in Matthew 19:4-5.

Same Sex Marriage is not a simple issue. It is a key part of an overall homosexual agenda that has very serious consequences that include attacking Freedom of speech and Freedom of association – as occurred at the Mercure Hotel in Sydney a week ago. Overseas experience in the UK, Canada, the US and now our own Victoria are providing ample forewarning that we must be fully aware of very serious consequences that come with a fundamental change to the family as the basis of society.

Australian people, not lobbied politicians, should decide on marriage.

We in turn must do all we can to help churches, believers and the general public understand the seriousness of the consequences including: children having a mum and a dad whenever possible, the indoctrination of children with fluid gender ideology, loss of freedoms that we went to war to defend, risks to job security, court appearances, fines and even jail for dissenters from LGBTIQ politically correct agenda. The warnings are before us.

  • Click here for free download: 21 Reasons Why Marriage Matters.
  • Click here for free download: 16 Reasons Why Sexual Integrity Matters.