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General Information
Co-ordinates Latt 29.02 S, Long 167.57 E
Phone codes TBA
UTC offset + 11
Summer time ?
Measurements Metric
Electricity supply 240 Volts, Australian 3 pin plug.
Weather The climate is subtropical, enjoying a pleasant, mild climate year round with June to September being the colder months with temperatures ranging from 12C at night to 18C during the day. The period October through to May has average temperatures of approximately 16C at night to 25C during the day. The average annual rainfall is around 1350 mm


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Things to do

Norfolk Island is a volcanic outcrop 8km long and 5 km wide, 1500 km east of Brisbane.  Norfolk Jet Express offers flights from Brisbane 6 days per week.

There are approx 10 km of roads that meander around the island, rolling green hills and valleys, scenery of daunting cliffs and thick stands of Norfolk Pine.  All roads lead to Burnt Pine commercial shopping centre at the heart of the island.

There are scattered Georgian buildings around the island, and coral reef edged Emily Bay is a haven for snorkling.   There is great fishing, golf, and scenic tours

There are 40 Eateries, plenty of accomodation, 80 shops with imported goods tax free.


Some of the people who live on Norfolk Island, an Australian dependency in the southwest Pacific Ocean, are descendants of the mutineers of the HMS Bounty, the British merchant ship under the command of Captain William Bligh. The mutineers originally lived on Pitcairn Island but moved west to Norfolk Island in 1856.

This small volcanic island lies about 1,496 kilometers (about 930 miles) east of Australia. Much of the coastline ends in steep cliffs, while the rugged inland rises to two peaks, Mount Pitt and Mount Bates. The island’s most prominent feature, the native Norfolk Island pine, can grow to a height of 60 meters (200 feet). Saplings are grown throughout the world as houseplants.

The English explorer James Cook landed on Norfolk Island in 1774 and claimed it for Britain. From 1788 to 1814 and again from 1825 to 1855, the island served as a British penal colony—the second time becoming notorious for its harsh discipline and punishment.

Norfolk Island became an Australian territory in 1914. Kingston, a popular tourist center for Australians and New Zealanders, is the capital, chief settlement, and port.


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Church and Mission
Norfolk Island Community Church
Latest update 27-6-98
Characteristics Co-operative fellowship with the AOG.
Address At the Bean Shed
Pastors residence in Stockyard Road
Church Web site n/a
Contacts Pastor Neville & Mierle Digby
phn: 6723 23856
Service times Sundays: 1000 and 1830 hours
Bible study Thursdays 1930
Language of services English


Other Church and Mission info
Church of England -
St Barnabus Mission Chappel
All Saints at Kingston
St Phillip Howard catholic Church
Uniting Church