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General Information
Co-ordinates Latt 051 29 N, Long 000 04 W
Phone code Country code 44, City code 0171, Exit code 00 Composite Emerg No. 999.  Dir assist local 192, Int 153
UTC offset + 0
Summer time +1
Measurements Imperial
Electricity supply 220 V AC, UK 3 pin plug
Weather CNN London


What’s on?
Touring UK - see Airborne Travel Page
e magazine
London Sightseeing info, Phn: 01708 631 122
The News On-Line
Reviews including... Cinema, Video, Theatre, Exhibitions, Music, Museums, Eating out.


Things to Do

Check out "Where - London" magazine from your hotel: Where
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Touring UK web sites.

Here are some accommodation options worth considering (1999) -

Millenium Hotel, Gloucester Station, Kensington
Great location, very nice rooms and good rates for the area.
Pricing 1999: 94/night (room only) for a double with crew discount.
Phn: 0171 373-0409, web:

Copthorne Tara, Scarsdale Place, Kensington
Good rooms in a great location - widely used crew Hotel
Phn: 0171 937-7211,  Fax: 0171 937-8329

Cumberland Hotel, Oxford St, Marble Arch
Great location in central London... rooms are very small but you can negotiate an executive room on 1st floor when off-peak. Renowned Carvery.
Pricing 1999:  84/night B & B for a double on crew discount.
Phn: 0171 723-2036

Adare Hotel, Paddington Station area - near Hyde Park
Very nice B & B at 58/night for a double
Phn: 0171 262-0633

Sheraton Skyline Heathrow
Very nice executive rooms 80/night (room only) for a double.
There is also another Sheraton at Heathrow: Heathrow Hotel... definitely worth a try.

Car Hire
National offer a weekend rate from Fri to Mon at 61 for a 1.6 litre car. This is a good deal with airport pick up included.


Airline Fellowship  AAACF and Contacts


Church and Mission
Holy Trinity Brompton
Latest update 19 July 1998
Characteristics Expansive vibrant Anglican with top teaching & revival.
Address Cottage Place, Brompton Road, Kensington
London SW7 1JA
Church Web site
Contacts Ring or call in at the Church office
Service times Sundays: 0900, 1100, 1700, 1930
Language English
Transport A five minute walk from Harrods.
Notes Great modern worship music and home of Alpha Course.


Kensington Temple
Latest update 19 July 1998
Characteristics Well balanced expansive vibrant Pentecostal
Address Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill Gate
London W11 3BY
Church Web site TBA
Contacts Ring the Church Office: 0171 727-4877
Bookshop: 727-8684
Service times Sundays 0900, 1100, 1430, 1700, 2100
Language English
Transport Tube or taxi
Notes Great International worship
See also: See also: Revival at Kensington Temple


All Souls, Langham Place
Latest update 23 Nov 1998
Characteristics Central Christian focus in London
Address 2 All Souls Place, London W1N 3DB
Langham Place (Just off Oxford St, near BBC).
Church Web site
Contacts Phn: 0171 580-3522
Fax: 0171 436-3019
Service times 0800, 0930, 1130, 1830
Language English
Transport Tube or taxi
Notes Home Church of John Stott


Other Church and Mission info
St Helens in London has a good reputation in 1998 - any more feedback?