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Show me the Money!

Bulletin 2004-05


There was a businessman in the same office building as my business. I had struck up a friendship with him and shared with him regularly. He was always amazed at what God was doing for me and my business.

Once he came and asked, "Why is it that you don't seem to have a high amount of outstanding client accounts? You always seem to be paid on time or very close to the due date!".

On this occasion, the Holy Spirit led me to share with him the following: "The world has always had a set of laws - some we see, some we don't, never-the-less they are laws. For example, if I hold this pen in the air and let it go, it will fall to the ground - this is the law of Gravity". To this he nodded. I continued, "A few years ago I discovered another law in the Bible - the Law of Sowing & Reaping. What you sow so you shall reap." (Gal 6:7).

I said, "Let me ask you this. When do you pay your Bills?" To which he proudly replied, "Oh, I never pay them straight away. I'd rather the money in my account than giving it to someone else!" and he continued, " If I have to wait for my money, then they can wait for theirs!"

My response was this. "Okay, then let me challenge you in this. From now on pay all your Bills on time or even before the due dates - no exceptions. Then watch the Law of Sowing and Reaping come into play".

To my amazement, he immediately instructed his accounts staff (who tried to talk him out it) to pay all of the company Bills prior to the due date. In fact, payments were to be made to ensure that they would be received prior to the Due Date.

Within 2 months, all, yes all, of his outstanding accounts were paid in record time.

In addition he even had a previous client, who owed him a significant amount of money (written off as a bad debt and forgotten about) several years back, came to him and said that he was sorry for the grief he had caused at that time and "here is the money I owe you"!

Needless to say, my friend was flabbergasted.

And regardless of the fact that to this day he is still not a Christian, he acknowledges that, "God's Law of Sowing and Reaping, as spoken of in the Holy Bible, really does work - even for a heathen!". His words, not mine.

Peter Coburn

Waverley Christian Fellowship

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